Data Privacy & Security

Your data’s security is our priority

Key Security Practices


Restricted Data Access

Each member of the LinkIt team who interacts with your data is highly trained in data security and student privacy

Standards Compliance

Permissioned access and up-to-date security patches that meet or exceed industry standards required for FERPA/COPPA data handling

Communication Protocols

Transparent protocols and ongoing communication ensure your privacy is maintained and held to the highest standard

Data Ownership

You own your data! We do not sell or share your information with anyone. Should you wish to terminate your contract, we will return your data in a usable digital format and purge all records from our database

Key Security Practices

Shared Responsibility

  • LinkIt! maintains strict internal administrative, technical, and physical procedures to protect account holders’ personally identifiable information (PII) stored on the LinkIt! platform
  • LinkIt! is responsible for safeguarding the information saved to its platform
  • School Districts and Local Education Agencies designate account holders and what functional and data access and use policies should be implemented on the LinkIt! platform
  • Once account holders download, extract, or print information from the LinkIt! platform, they are responsible for safeguarding this information; LinkIt! can no longer guarantee its confidentiality

Physical Security

  • Our web servers, data servers and network data storage are maintained in the secure Amazon Web Services cloud hosting data centers
  • Rigorous onsite security pursuant to ISO 27001 guidelines

Data Security

  • Backed by Microsoft SQL Server database with highly restricted permissioned access limited to authorized personnel
  • Robust data encryption both in transit and at rest

Data Backups

  • Weekly full backups, daily differential backups and transactional backups every 10 minutes
  • Encrypted backups are redundantly stored in a secure offsite location

Web Security

  • Permissioned access restricts and logs the activities that can be
    carried out by authorized users
  • Passcode-encrypted web services with enforced business logic

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