Advanced custom reporting and consulting service that identifies patterns and trends to improve decision making and data fluency

Consultative Reporting Services

Work With Experts

Consultation and professional development conducted by educators, data analysts, and researchers

Identify Trends

Receive comprehensive district, school, and classroom reports throughout the year highlighting key patterns and trends in your data

Data Literacy

Build capacity with all stakeholders on data interpretation and application

Report Variety

Longitudinal trends, correlations, predictive analytics, equity, and subgroup analysis

Principal Playbook

Empower building level administrators to become data-driven leaders

Story Telling

Develop a narrative with your data to better communicate your messaging to various stakeholders

Data Insights From Our Customers...

“Although it feels like we've partnered with LinkIt for years, we're only approaching the end of year one and really seeing the impact on many levels. Most recently, LinkIt has facilitated multiple sessions with our building and district administrators, to review Navigator Reports summarizing and comparing multiple data sets, making critical information accessible while aligning with our Building School Success goals, providing incredible opportunities for our building PLC's to analyze, collaborate and strategically plan to better meet the needs of our students now.”

Dan Maguire

Director of Technology
Kennett Consolidated School District

“I appreciate the Navigator reports very much. We distribute them to our leadership teams and beyond, and share as much as we can. They're voluminous and we study them deeply for our school improvement planning. The level of detail is extraordinary. We can examine our demographics in every possible way and concentrate on what we can do to reach those respective groups. There are so many layers to them and sometimes they are really eye-opening.”

Dr. Katy Giovanisci

Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment
Agora Cyber Charter School

“We distributed the Navigator benchmark teacher slides to all of our PLCs this week. The teachers really loved them and we are already seeing evidence of improved grouping and differentiation.”

Ed Stoloski

East Amwell School District

“LinkIt! Navigator has enabled us to track these students very easily. We get the data back and it’s already color-coded. I see the students in the red zone and I know they need to be seen by a specialist or take part in our after-school program. These reports allow us to submit data on how we use funding to justify expenditures.”

Elizabeth Fischer

Assistant Superintendent
Bound Brook School District

“A district-level, unique, literacy data-report was requested and turned around very quickly. The custom content development provided exactly what was needed to understand our elementary students’ literacy progress and make critical decisions to strengthen our overall programs. And, in a pandemic year like none other, this information has been unbelievably invaluable.”

Dr. Christine Capaci

Director of Data Assessment and Accountability
West Windsor-Plainsboro Regional School District


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