Our Team

We are a mission-driven company. Our relentless focus on customer outcomes is the foundation of everything we do.

Management Team

Josh Powe

Co-Founder & Executive Chairman

Joshua Powe has over 25 years of experience in educational publishing and educational technology. Josh's focus at LinkIt! is product design, product strategy, business development, and relationship management for large districts, state departments of education, and corporate partners. Relentless in his efforts to create technology-driven solutions that address the challenges educators face in collecting, interpreting, and ultimately, leveraging performance data to accelerate student achievement, Josh's vision was instrumental in creating the LinkIt! platform and guiding its evolution, a comprehensive, yet simple solution that users simply love. Josh graduated magna cum laude from Harvard University with a B.A. in the History of Science.

Ryan Winter

CEO & President

Ryan's focus at LinkIt! is managing all aspects of our organizational growth as well as the customer experience. While his operational responsibilities include the firm’s marketing, sales, business development, finance, and human resources activities, Ryan’s greatest responsibility is ensuring client success. Specifically, this includes working directly with internal product and support teams as well as the clients themselves. Ryan particularly enjoys working with clients in making their data more actionable. Ryan graduated from Princeton University with a B.A. in Economics.

Chad Marcus

Chief Academic Officer

Chad's primary focus at LinkIt! is district and client management, including professional development, product training, and client support. As a former Director of Curriculum & Instruction, Assessment, and Instructional Technology Chad's insight helps guide product design, content management, client communication, policy, and procedures. Chad's passion for helping educators, enthusiasm for data, and product insight continues to influence LinkIt's short and long-term product roadmap.

Karen Winter

Chief Information Officer and Chief Technology Officer

Karen Winter serves as the Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at LinkIt!, where her primary focus is on managing technology development, project management, and business process optimization vio technology. With her extensive experience in enterprise-wide, mission-critical software systems, Karen has played a pivotal role in transforming the scalability, reliability, and security of LinkIt!'s platform and infrastructure to meet the evolving needs of the K-12 landscape. Before joining LinkIt!, Karen held key leadership positions, including Chief Development Officer of Corporate Systems at Bear Stearns and Chief Administrative Officer for Information Technology at BlackRock. In these roles, she was responsible for overseeing day-to-day business and planning processes, including vendor management, project management, and internal software development. Karen's expertise and strategic vision have been instrumental in driving LinkIt!'s technological advancements and ensuring the delivery of innovative solutions that empower educators and enhance student outcomes.

Kevin Fahy

Chief Client Officer

Kevin's focus at LinkIt! is managing and overseeing all aspects of client implementation and success including professional development, client support, and communication. In addition to previously working as a LinkIt! Account Director/Educational Consultant, Kevin has over 20 years of experience in education as a math teacher, instructional coach, and administrator, and successfully implemented the LinkIt! solution in each of these roles before joining our team. Kevin's commitment to client satisfaction and success is an instrumental part of LinkIt's vision.

Jennifer Kurtz

Chief Information Security Officer

Jennifer's focus is on ensuring the privacy and confidentiality of student, parent, teacher, and company data. She brings extensive experience in maintaining compliance with security frameworks like FERPA, COPPA, NIST SP 800-171, and ISO 27001. She previously served as the cybersecurity director for the Colorado NIST MEP center and was the designated security resource for the six-state Rocky Mountain region. Jennifer is an award-winning director of e-commerce for the State of Indiana, and managed technology implementation projects and telecommunications at Delco Remy International. She is the author of Hacking Wireless Access Points: Cracking, Tracking, and Signal Jacking (Elsevier/Syngress: 2016) and contributor to The Data Breach and Encryption Handbook (ABA: 2011). She holds a B.A. from The American University and an MBA.

Brooke Shneiderman

Chief of Staff

Brooke's focus at LinkIt! is managing human capital, internal operations, and cross-functional projects. She has over 15 years of experience in organizational management and education. Brooke has spent most of her career dedicated to expanding successful systems and processes across school systems. She has worked across the K-12 industry in a variety of roles, including principal of elementary, middle, and high schools, as well as in two state departments of education.

Carrie Button

Chief of Content Strategy

Carrie leads the research, design, and development of LinkIt’s assessment and supplemental content products. She has almost 30 years of experience in education and assessment. Beginning her career as a mathematics teacher, Carrie quickly learned the importance of equity in education. She has held leadership roles at various educational assessment organizations, including New Meridian, Edmentum, and NWEA, and more recently directed the design and development of state summative assessments for the Maryland State Department of Education. Carrie holds a B.S. in Mathematics from Frostburg State University, an M.S. in Teaching Mathematics from Florida Atlantic University, a Post Master’s Certificate in School Administration and Supervision from Johns Hopkins University, and is currently ABD for her Ed.D in Teaching and Learning at Alverno College. Carrie values LinkIt’s commitment to customer outcomes and the design and development of quality content products as a critical driver for expanding equity in education.

Frankie Jones

Sr. Vice President of Professional Services & Special Programs

Frankie's focus at LinkIt! is overseeing our professional services and consulting division for special programs. Frankie is a results-driven leader and contributor with over 25 years of experience in ed-tech across the country. Her expertise lies in implementation, professional development, project management consulting, and product development. Frankie has built and implemented programs from the ground up in over 1,500 school districts across the country, with a particular focus on RTI/MTSS, Special Education, 504, ELL, and Gifted Education programs. Her commitment to providing core solutions and services, as well as maintaining client relationships, is instrumental to our team.

Kim Bolz-Andolshek

Vice President of Sales

Kim has been passionate about public education and supporting students in her personal and professional life for almost two decades. In addition to over 10 years of experience leading sales teams at Gaggle and Schoology, Kim has served as an elected school board member in her home state of Minnesota for over twenty years. During the almost 20 years serving her community, she has focused on school finances, student well-being, and academics. Kim is a certified professional coach and has leveraged these skills for public speaking and supporting sales and marketing teams throughout her career. She is a proud mom of three children, with two now off to college. For fun, Kim loves to travel, and she has started to dabble in stand-up comedy.

Tom Morgan, CFA

Vice President of Finance

Tom is a business-focused financial leader with a diverse background in technology, private equity, and growth-oriented companies. His focus at LinkIt! includes overseeing the accounting and finance functions. Prior to LinkIt, Tom spent nine years in both private equity and the technology sector, where he led the Mergers & Acquisitions and Financial Planning & Analysis teams. Most recently, he oversaw the financial operations team at Perforce, a global software company. Tom graduated from Boston College Carroll School of Management and holds an MBA from UCLA Anderson. In addition to his work, Tom enjoys the outdoors, especially fly fishing, golf, and downhill skiing.

Melanie Fortier

Senior Director of Marketing

Melanie brings over 20 years of marketing experience to LinkIt as the Senior Director of Marketing. She has worked for various ed-tech companies for both K-12 and higher education for 12+ years. She has built or expanded multiple teams to ensure all marketing areas are filled to accomplish set goals. Melanie brings vast knowledge in all areas of marketing and believes in always trying something new to see what will work. Melanie is process-driven and tech-savvy and enjoys finding the best martech solutions necessary.

Image of the LinkIt! Team

This is LinkIt!

LinkIt! is a diverse team of experienced professionals, including educators, technologists, and data scientists. We recruit only the most talented and committed individuals to join our ranks because we understand that it takes hiring a special kind of person to build a special kind of company.

Core Values

A Partner, Not a Vendor

  • Our customers’ success is of the highest calling
  • We are a diverse team of educators, data analysts, and technical specialists working together to ensure implementation fidelity
  • A focus on process and support is paramount to who we are

Constant Product Innovation

  • Our customers' input drives our product roadmap
  • We believe that a great solution must continuously evolve to meet the needs of its partners
  • A relentless mindset to improve implementation outcomes drives every member of our team

Belief in the Power of Data

  • Linkit! helps educators understand historical achievement, measure real time performance, and set growth goals for the future
  • We collaborate with customers to unlock the transformative power of their data.
  • Our product and service solutions enable data to become part of established organizational practice.

Hear from our Team...

“We are a mission-driven company. Our relentless focus on customer outcomes is the foundation of everything we do. On the product side, we believe our solution is always a work in progress. We are always willing to demonstrate our commitment to clients through continuous improvement of our solutions, innovative service offerings, regular onsite workshops, and a variety of pilot programs.”

Josh Powe

LinkIt! Co-Founder and Executive Chairman

“Over the years, we have learned that the process is as important as the product and we will always invest in our clients’ growth. Data is not just about numbers and charts. It is an analytical framework in which one can tell a story. It requires people working with one another to achieve a common goal.”

Image of Ryan

Ryan Winter

LinkIt! CEO & President

“Data has been the driving force in my 20+ years in education. ​As a former classroom teacher, ​the strategic use of data was integral to my student​s'​ success​. Later, as Director of ​Curriculum​, ​LinkIt​ allowed me to​ ​scale my district's data initiatives and engage diverse stakeholders in objective​ and purposeful ​analytical conversations. Now, ​in my role at LinkIt​, our team is proud to collaborate with, learn from, and empower countless teachers and administrators to leverage data with great fidelity.”

Chad Marcus

LinkIt! Chief Academic Officer

Our technology and services team is second to none. We believe in continuous product innovation, but always strive to maintain maximum scalability and an intuitive user experience. When it comes to the security and uptime of our mission-critical data systems, there can be no compromises or shortcuts. We are single-mindedly dedicated to delivering unprecedented value for all stakeholders in improved student achievement.”

Image of Karen

Karen Winter

LinkIt! Chief Technology Officer

“From my earliest days as a teacher, I was constantly looking for ways to use objective data to measure student outcomes to help inform and impact my instruction. The LinkIt! solution is designed to make that easy for teachers and administrators. Our team’s relentless dedication to client consultation, customer service, and product development are driving forces in making data actionable and impactful for all stakeholders.”

Kevin Fahy

Chief Client Officer

“In over 25 years in education, I have had the opportunity to work with hundreds of schools, both as an educator and as an independent consultant. I have also worked with many assessment tools and data platforms, but I joined LinkIt! because no company has a deeper understanding of the fact that building a great product is only a piece of the puzzle. Without a firm commitment to delivering a best-in-class support and professional development model, even the best products can fall short of expectations.”

Frankie Jones

Sr. VP of Professional Services & Special Programs

“Being an enthusiast for student outcomes, data was at the heart of my every decision as a teacher, principal, and leader. When the opportunity came to work at a company paving the way for holistic, outcomes-based decision making, I was thrilled. Seeing LinkIt’s support structure in action, I am delighted to be part of an incredible team truly helping educators, and, as an extension, driving excellence for students.”

Brooke Shneiderman

Chief of Staff


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