NJSLA Sample Reports and PD Resources

Online Reporting Platform Activities

Report samples and workshop focus:

  • Helping teachers and administrators put NJSLA data into action
  • Whole child analytics (NJSLA correlations with multiple measures)
  • Strategic grouping by subscores
  • Measuring growth and achievement level mobility

5-Year NJSLA Analytics and BOE Compliance Reporting

Report samples and workshop focus:

  • Identifying patterns and trends in longitudinal state assessment data by district, school, grade, subject, subscore, and demographic subgroup
  • Saving administrators time satisfying NJDOE public reporting compliance mandates
  • Targeted data analysis questions to engage diverse stakeholders and make your NJSLA data actionable

Statewide and DFG Trends

Reports and workshop focus:

  • Aggregate statewide achievement and growth trends by subject, grade, subscore, and subgroup
  • Disaggregated District Factor Group (DFG) comparisons based on the correlation of student performance and socioeconomic status
  • Adding context to help evaluate your students' results in comparison to similar peer districts
  • Data-driven guidance for 2023-24 goal setting

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